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 [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli

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Die like a motherfucker

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MessageSujet: [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli   [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli EmptyVen 7 Mai - 15:27

1) Let's talk SCARS first. How do you look at that 'cancellation' thing from a year and a half long gap? And is there anything new you can tell us about it? I guess you guys had to be frustrated way more than us fans were...

DC: It was hard to deal with at first obviously. But Daron had a lot going on in his life and we respected his decision to not tour.

2) 2008 had to be pretty intense for you. Was it a valuable experience, this whole SOB thing?

DC: It was definitely the best six months of my musical life. To play with members of one of your favorite bands is very special.

3) So tell me, how was the Troubadour show?

DC: It was amazing. There was tons of energy from the crowd, and we played our asses off cause it's so much fun and we love the fans tremendously.

4) Was there any big differences between this show and those you played before? I mean, except for Shavo:)

DC: Not really man. It was a longer set than usual. There were minor changes that Daron came up with that really accentuated the band's dynamic range.

5) You guys played a new track titled "Talkin' Shit" - what's up with that one? Was it one of those few tracks that didn't make it into the record back in 2008?

DC: It's a new song and the minute Daron brought it in to show us, we all knew it was special.

6) We are very curious about the future of Scars, are there any plans? I mean, even if you're not supposed to talk about them:) Has this 'reunion' gig changed anything or is it still so damn unclear? I wish we could finally stop speculating... Cause there's been so many rumours flying around, mainly about SOAD, but not a single one of them was true.

DC: I really cannot say. It's all up in the air.

7) Daron is a big mystery to us. Do you have any idea what he's been doing the last 18 months? Franky said there were big things coming from him and that he was writing music again, so we're kinda dying to hear ANYTHING new.

DC: He is always writing music. Not sure what he is planning next though.

Cool I also have to ask you about the Iraq/Kuwait mini tour you guys did last summer. We saw some pics and videos, seemed like you had a pretty good times there... How was it, were you impressed by that exotic area?

DC: It was a great experience. You learn a lot about yourself and your endurance when you do something like that. I am grateful for what I learned and for all the cool people we met.

9) Is there any connection between the Middle East and your THE CHRONICLES OF ISRAFEL project? I'm asking because to me, it feels like there is some (can't really tell you why). The name itself - Israfel - sounds Middle Eastern.

DC: Israfel is an Arcangel, he is mentioned in revelations and also in other religions. No connection to the middle east though. At least not consciously. It's just music to me, so if I use a harmonic minor scale here and there, it's not necessarily coming from anywhere specific.

10) In one recent interview, you described the new Israfel album as "a ride through hell". So does it mean the music is heavier, or it's more about the story?

DC: Both actually. It's way more energized, more brutal, angrier and the story is darker. But, there is also a broader range of topics covered, so dynamics and colors and tones change drastically throughout the entire album.

11) As I noticed from your MySpace posts, there's been lot of changes in the whole writing/recording process. And it doesn't seem to be an easy thing to put this one out. Do you already have some idea when it'll all be finished and can you tell us more about this "A Trillion Lights" record?

DC: It's definitely been a difficult record to write. I mean, the songs come out pretty fast, but the issue is deciding which ones to put on the album that make the most sense together. I will probably end up having guests do the drums and vocals on this next one, and I also have a couple other friends doing some cool stuff on there. But nothing is set in stone. I am still writing, and I will be figuring out how to record it all in the next few months. Many things have stalled the process so I just need to be patient I guess.

12) Has Scars On Broadway somehow affected the sound of ISRAFEL?

DC: My experience with Scars has most definitely influenced the next album. I felt so much energy coming from both the band and crowd, that now I want to feel it with Chronicles. Also, Daron has exposed me to so much more music than I was ever used to. That in itself has changed and helped the way I write.

13) Is there any direct contribution from any Scars' member on your new album?

DC: Danny's gonna be on there quite a bit. Mostly on his percussion and wind instruments. Franky will hopefully be able to sing on a track or two also. I am very excited about it.

14) Are there any other current projects of yours, except for Scars and Israfel? Have you played some live shows since Scars and except for Scars?

DC: I have 2 other projects in the works aside from Chronicles. Curious Case is a jam oriented, stoner rock experimental sounding band that my drummer Giulio and I are putting together. It's bad ass. Live off the floor, crazy and weird as fuck with some cool grooves. The other one is called HomeMadeSurgeries, even weirder, very moody, beautiful songs, no distortion or aggression at all. I do everything alone on that one.

15) Would you recommend to us some interesting music? Maybe from what you've been listening lately...

DC: I still listen to IAMX all the time, been listening to a lot of Muse and Mew lately too.

16) Only if there's anything you wanna add...

DC: Thanks for supporting Scars. I hope we can do some more shows some day.

Thanks Dominic!!
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MessageSujet: Re: [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli   [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli EmptyVen 7 Mai - 15:43

Yes ! Merci ! Smile
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MessageSujet: Re: [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli   [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli EmptyVen 7 Mai - 19:31

Merci pour l'interview, je suis impatient de voir la suite de Scars sur ce qu'ils vont nous faire !
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[News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli Empty
MessageSujet: Re: [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli   [News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli Empty

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[News] Interview Dominic Cifarelli
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